As part of the “Comprehensive Website Volunteering Support” project, we provided comprehensive support to volunteers in various areas of their activities.
1) 19/09/2019, host Alvaro Ingles in CIM Horizons, ul. Potocka 38, Poznań
“How should I film it?” 3 hours of workshops
Workshop goals: The workshops were designed to teach new volunteers how online communication works, how to create visual content using phones and where to find various resources for these purposes, such as applications, photo viewers.
Volunteers learned what kind of communication is done through social media.
Participants learned how to promote activities and disseminate results.
Participants learned to take pictures and record videos.
They created video recorded and edited using phones.
2) 24/09/2019, Marta Szymaniuk at the “Krąg” Community Culture Club, ul. Dmowskiego 37, Poznan
“Language animation methods for volunteers” 3 hours of workshops
Aim of the workshop: Help for volunteers in language learning focuses on foreign volunteers conducting classes for Poznań residents.
Other purposes:

Presentation of games and knowledge transfer methods

List of tools used during classes
The workshops included presentation, interactive games, examples and work on the schedule.
3) 28.10.2019 Anna Maria Szymkowiak at the Akceptacja Foundation, Wilda, Poznań
“First aid for volunteers” 3 hours of workshops
The aim of the workshop was to teach long-term volunteers to provide first aid and ensure safety during their activities.
The course included internships and theory with professional medical tools and staff.
4) “SocialLove Workshops – how to engage socially”, hosted by Urszula Kisiel-Grzanka. Meeting place: Regional Volunteer Center in Poznań at WRK ZOP, Bukowska 27/29, 60-501 Poznań, 25.11.2019 (Wednesday), 16:45 – 20:00
Workshop meeting on how to integrate socially and become a volunteer in English for interested foreign students Join us for our days of social inclusion!
The first SocialTalk, where Poles and foreigners talked about volunteering and what to do to help others, not only in their own city, but also here and now during their stay in Poznań.
5) Creativity workshops for volunteers: “Out of the box – a workshop of creativity and non-standard thoughts”, hosted by Elżbieta Niewiadomska, venue of the Regional Volunteer Center in Poznań at WRK ZOP, 28/11/2019, 16:30 – 19:30
Nowadays, creativity seems to be at a premium, one of the invaluable skills in professional and personal life, it has long ceased to be associated only with artists’ tools. The problem is only that pressure or discipline is not entirely conducive to its activation.
During the workshops we learned patents to awaken creativity and imagination thanks to experiments, creative and enjoyable activities.
Volunteers not only had the opportunity to develop competences to better interest people with whom they work lessons, tutoring, but also could share their experience, problems and talk how to respond to them.
Hosted by: Elżbieta Niewiadomska – graphic artist, cartoonist, educator, social project coordinator. A graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań. Fascinated by the original drawing and art brut work. He creates and runs educational and artistic workshops for children, adolescents and adults. She is particularly interested in using the natural need for creation to self-discovery and discovering the nearest surroundings.
6) Integrating workshops for volunteers during the International Volunteer Day, hosted by Elżbieta Niewiadomska, venue of the Regional Volunteer Center in Poznań at WRK ZOP, 05/12/2019, 17:00 – 20:00

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