2 Months in Poland with CIM Horyzonty 

Hey everyone!

I am Alara. I am 22 years old and I am one of the short term Volunteers in CIM HORYZONTY. This week is my 6th week in this ESC project. As the weeks pass by I am afraid that my time in Poznan is coming to an end:(. But instead of feeling sad about this great experience to be over I will tell you all about my week ☺️ This week we prepared subjects for a parade such as a bird. And we met with Edward. For those who don’t know Edward, he is the guy that we will animate during the parade 😂. The next day we went to Zupa to prepare sandwiches and soups for those who need. It was my first time taking part in Zupa and I really like the energy and the vibe. And I believe that we made a great job by making soup. The next day I used my vacation days and 8 of volunteers went on a trip to Italy 💕 We travelled Venice, Rome, Florance, Milan and Turin. And after this amazing trip I am ready to go back to Poznan and work. Thank you so much for taking your time to read about my experience.

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