Stacja Wolimierz’s Children and Flower festiva

In the end of July we spent with CIM Horyzonty’s volunteers 6 days working on Stacja Wolimierz’s Children and Flower festival. The group consisted of four coordinators- long term volunteers, and 8 short term volunteers. My thoughts on working with them are that it was great experience. At first it was very comforting thought to  bring people I know and worked with before. But then we never worked together on a festival. When they arrived I already had written tasks for everyone so they had the opportunity to choose what they want to do and at what hour. Then everyone had their tasks signed and knew what to do. Compared to other volunteers, who, for example, didn’t show up for their shifts and so on, Horyzonty’s team was the most reliable. I also liked them being straightforward about some jobs which they could or couldnt’ do because it made my work easier. What was very challenging was the fact that, during the festival, many other tasks arised but when asked, they were eager to help even if it were during their free time.

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