Third Week of Short-term Project

Helllloooo! It’s Özgün and I’m 20… well almost 21! And this is my story about my third week as a volunteer at CIM HORYZONTY in the Poznan for ESC!

So, on Monday, we went to the office, to prepare some activities for the children. They wanted from us to give an idea about workshops. And Alara and I became a team, we gave almost nine workshops! Afterwards, we travelled around the city, like we always do! Then the next day, we went to office again, but this time, we prepared activities again. As I’m also volunteer in the office, I also helped the people in Office too. Such as doing paper work! The next day we have a big workshop. Which is called Anti-discrimination Workshop. That workshop was so much fun for me, because, I really learned a lot of things about discrimination and how to avoid it. Well, I know some of them, but learning in detail was much more great experience. The next day, we repaired a mural! For the first time in my life, I painted a wall! And we did it for a good reason! Now that I know, I did something permanent for Poznan! And that night we had an Intercultural Night. As a Turkish, I always liked the Turkish food. We prepared some Turkish dishes and presented them. That was amazing! The next day, we went to office again, and we had a workshop. At this workshop, we choose a toy that represents how our last three weeks went! Then we talked about it. At the end we went to hostel because the weather wasn’t that good. On Saturday, (now we’re working on Saturdays) We went somewhere for biodiversity, we were going to present Turkey’s Natural Parks but there was no one because of the weather. But at least we had fun because we painted our faces as you can see in the photo above (I’m the one who is the glitter cat haha!)

So that was my third week and I have only four weeks left… But again, I’m so excited for the next weeks!

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