International Day of Peace / Parking day

The value of Peace has been traced back to antiquity. In ancient Greece, Peace was a goddess representing the peaceful state of affairs and its significance was magnificent.

Nowadays, ubiquitous peace is sought, but it is difficult to achieve everywhere and always. However, we did manage to send our own message of peace in the square Eki z Małeki! On Saturday 21st of September we organized a multicultural game with four different stations: Romania, Ukraine, Greece and Italy. The contestants had the opportunity to play with us and get to know our language and our culture better. Of course, every effort was rewarded with a free book of their choice! We have been delighted to meet people of all ages and altogether passed on the message that diversity must be embraced and protected, so that we will pursue world peace. At the end of the event a group photo took place forming the peace sign as a closing ceremony.

At the same time, the public consultations in terms of introducing toll parking took place in which many organizations from Łazarz district participated, as well as we, the team of CIM Horyzonty.

It was the second event of this year’s volunteers where we all worked together to achieve our goal. And that was just the beginning! Stay tuned for more events!

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