A wish for peace

Peace is something that unites people from any country, a common wish shared by nations all around the globe. This is why, in Cim Horyzonty, we believed that it was a good idea to combine our intercultural background with the celebration of Peace Day. Our international volunteers participated in an event of the local community of Poznan the 21st of September, Parking Day, in which they prepared workshops associated with their different cultures and languages and we used this opportunity to talk about peace.

For us, this kind of direct contact between foreigners and locals is an important way to walk towards peace together, making the cultural barriers less relevant and understanding among nations better. During this event, we engaged with part of the local community of our neighborhood in order to create a small but significant Peace Sign together even if the space conditions were not the best. This spontaneous performance resulted in people joining us to create a picture creating this recognizable symbol together with our bodies. This sign was formed by teens, international youth, adults and even a kid, just our way to collaborate in the common wish for peace.

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