Poznański Targ Dobra – NGO Day on Św. Marcin Street

On the 14th of September, from 10:00 until 16:00, CIM Horyzonty members have been involved in an event called NGO Day, in which different organizations from the city of Poznan come together to promote their different fields of work in interesting and friendly ways to people of all ages.

At the wooden house with the number 3A stood our volunteers from different countries across Europe and members of the Board. In order to promote the interculturality that represents this NGO, they have arranged some games to engage with the public, such as presenting their countries language, alphabet, in some cases, and food which had a positive outcome with the people that participated in those activities.

All in all, the day was filled with games, laughter and a lot of information about what is going on in the NGO world of Poznań.

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