Marra’s Journey on Seminar “Body Liberation” in Alicante, Spain 11-16 March

The title of seminar “Body liberation” gave me associations , let’s say, we will talk about
body positivity etc. But it appears to be much deeper, as we as participants dive deeper and
trainers helping us to open this topic step by step.
The topic released some of the personal issues, not only in myself as a participant, but I could see
that others also felt deeply moved as we shared personal stories about our past. Further, I will
tell more about activities throughout the seminar.

The first evening was pretty late, but we had in small groups some creative tasks. The first day
we had longer sessions, we were introduced into fat phobia , fat discrimination and various
roots from which discrimination of larger bodies can arise. For example, fashion industry,
media, industrial design, accessibility, medical conditions, which cause weight gain and
impact overall of human body.
As taking this all into account, our end goal of this seminar were to create “Letter of
recommendations to European youth workers”. “Living in diverse bodies can be challenging,
and there are shortcomings and gaps within education, medical care, lack of representation,
explicit shaming and body policing.”, says this letter. Which we did at the end. But our
seminar included a lot of self internal work, as well as work in smaller groups. It took a lot of
concentration and attention to details and communication which diverse groups of people. I’m
grateful for breaks in between and free afternoons and evenings to take a deep breath and
enjoy such a city as Alicante.

I’m grateful for every chat and wise trainers, who gave various recommendations, and share
knowledge and their experience. This also happened during networking sessions, where I
found out about KA1 and KA2 European Union funded project opportunities. And also
encouragement from others, not give up, either in work life or on personal level.

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