25/10/2019 and 15/11/2019, 5-hour workshop led by Beata Marciniak at the Regional Volunteer Center in Poznań at WRK ZOP
On these days there was a presentation of an experienced teacher and school volunteer coordinator for other school volunteer club organizers along with workshops and discussions as planned:
Where did volunteering come from? The idea of volunteering.
Volunteering in Poland.
Introduction to volunteering at school.
Volunteering and the core curriculum. Social competence.
How to set up and run a School Volunteer Circle – WORKSHOP – step by step.
What changes introduce new regulations.
Volunteer council and its activities.
Agreement with the volunteer, agreement, parental permission.
How to prepare a volunteer organization procedure at school. The role of the principal, teachers and students.
Annual volunteer plan – WORKSHOP with planning.
Volunteer insurance.
Volunteer work time

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