Visiting Niemczyn school

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Some of our volunteers went on regular visits with Olga to Niemczyn school and held workshops about Human Rights, differences between villages and cities and different cultures. at the end of a total of 4 visits in the span of 2 months, children were welcomed to our office in Poznan. this is what our volunteers wrote: “We had a very productive day. We started with some energizers, because it was 2 weeks since the last time we saw each other. After this, we introduced the other long term volunteers to the kids. Francisco, Dani and Karina told their story about being a volunteer in Poznan for CIM Horyzonty. We continued the day with an activity about Human Rights and Gender Equality. After this heavy topic, we showed to children the city. We had a city game prepared to learn more about Poznan. We ate lunch together and we finished the day with a guided tour in the Zamek castle. The children really enjoyed the day and so did we! We have one more meeting in Niemczyn. After that, the project finishes unfortunately so we are looking for some Opportunity to continue our activities with them.”

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