Human Library

On the 10th of December 2022, and as part of our organization’s goal to promote tolerance and open
horizons for intercultural communication as well as normalizing difference, CIM Horyzonty held a
Human Library Event within its premises; The Human Library is an international movement that
promotes an attitude of openness and humanity towards social diversity. It was one of the events
accompanying the 22nd Marathon of Writing Letters of Amnesty International, during which
everyone could express his/her opposition to violations of human rights. Their solidarity with victims
could be shown by writing a letter to the authorities of the country where the activists are
The titles of our books were the following:

  1. Let’s Talk About Depression
  2. The Girl With ADHD
  3. Wierząca Lesbijka
  4. Edukacja Domowo
  5. Osoba z Ukrainy
  6. Roma Artist
    A total of 21 books were borrowed throughout the Human Library.
    We hope to provide such an opportunity for more people and keep on working on our goal for a
    better world ahead.

Below we encourage you to read the prepared report from the event

The Human Library was organized with the support of volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps program.

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