Workshops “Solar system”

Although summer is behind us, we wanted to remind you of an interesting initiative and return to warm weather for a moment … On July 3 at school no. 77 took place workshops on the solar system. Our educators, Bartek and Flora told children what was happening in space. The youngest during the meeting had occasion to create a huge planetary system on the pitch.Their knowledge about some specific aspects of topic, delighted educators many times.

The main goal, meeting the youngest with a difficult and scientific topic was to present complex knowledge in a way that can be understood and available by everyone. The method used by the educators was in the field of interactive informal education, which involved participants in a creative and substantive manner. As part of the workshop, pupils coulded also create their own planet and with the help of your imagination invent a life that could inhabit it. Children showed great motivation to participate in the workshops. The culmination of the meeting was a mural depicting the solar system made by Bartek, Kuba and Flora, which now serves as educational material. It is located on the back of the school. Educators have decided that this will not be the last workshop in this school, as soon as it gets warm, they are planning more murals.

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