italian presentation – Skalvo

last week, I ve prepared a presentation about italian culture and Italy to promote values of the friendly Italy, that is actually the 50 percent of the entire population of Italy. Using a video that described our history and our values of helping others, specially foreigners, I ve tried to entertain seniors from Poland, members of Klub Krag, where the night was made. Than we passed to taste some italian receipts like pasta all’ arrabbiata, pasta al pesto, and cacio e pepe. People started also to taste bruschette with pesto and tomato souse made by Zacha, our volounteer from Grece who helped me a lot in the making the presentation. After this I played keyboard and singed some of my songs half in polish and half in italian. than I ve suggested some italian products for making the receipts we tasted before and than giving them a warm goodbye the italian night ended after 2,3 hours. I would like to say thank you to everyone partecipated to the event, specially Klub Krag and CIM Horyzonty and all the volounteers.

Salvatore Bernardi

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