Under the project, we carried out:
I. Workshop conducted by coordinator Kamila Lenczewska at the headquarters of CIM Horyzonty for volunteers and educators -07 / 10/20 2019. Estimates of classes and plan of activities under the project. Formal, substantive and intercultural issues were also raised, as the cooperating team was intercultural. Participation of 10 participants.
II.3 “Good Heart” workshop meetings conducted by Salvatore Bernardi and Zacharoulę Antoniou: II.1. 11/12/2019 in Kindergarten Gajówka 2/12/12/2019 at the Horizon Pre-School Point 3.13 / 12/2019 in Kindergarten no. 81 Participation: 40 participants / check
III.5 workshop meetings in primary schools in Poznań: 1.On 19/12/2019 in SP 102. On 25/10/2019 in SP 693. On 04/11/2019 in SP 264. On 13 / 11/2019 in SP 42 5.On 12/12/2019 at the school Horyzont – Wolna EdukacjaDemokratyczna
Number of participants / check: 100
IV.5 debates held in secondary schools:
1. Debate LO 3, 23/10/20192. Debate in ZSS, Zamenhoffa 142, 29/10/2019 3. Debate in LO 2, 10/11/20194 Debate in ZSZ No. 6, 28/11/201 Debate in LO 1, 18/12/2019
Participation: 180 participants / check
V. Workshops for volunteers
Participation: 40 participants / check
VI. Workshops for teachers
Participation: 17 participants / check
Surveys conducted anonymously at the end of the meeting show that students appreciated the events and found them to be a very valuable experience. They understood what volunteering is and why it is worth getting involved. Some selected opinions:
“I think this type of debate is needed because it develops students'” curiosity “and raises a lot of interesting topics.” “In my opinion, such meetings are needed because they make us aware of the benefits of volunteering”
“I appreciate the team’s openness and willingness to pass on knowledge and experience from my own life the most.” “I most appreciate the opportunity to speak and meet various people, openness of guests, directness and freedom of conversation.” “Such discussions are very much needed in schools. Because some students realize that this is really volunteering “” “It was great to be able to find out what volunteering looks like in other countries.” “Volunteer meetings are important to make people aware of the importance of life. They are only one and should make good use of them, not only working, but also helping others.”
Most (95%) of our opinions of pupils and students (using anonymous questionnaires) were positive and indicated the need for this type of activity at school. As organizers and organizers of the event, we have received many words of recognition and requests for more frequent attendance at schools with this or related topics.
The evaluation meeting that we held among panelists, volunteers of EKSi moderators, showed that the whole team is very satisfied with the project and ready to carry out similar activities in the future. The teachers and representatives asked about systematic activities in the subject of volunteering and system help in conducting voluntary work. activities in the future.

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