Workshops – debates at secondary schools WWW

Volunteer specialists and educator Urszula Kisiel-Grzanka and Marta Szymaniuk prepared an outline and a group of volunteers and experts to conduct a series of interactive debates “WWW – Comprehensive Volunteer Support”
A series of five debates on volunteering in practice and theory took place in Poznań secondary schools:

  1. LO 3, 23/10/2019
  2. ZSS, Zamenhoffa 142, 29/10/2019
  3. LO 2, 10/11/2019
  4. ZSZ No. 6, 28/11/2019
  5. LO 1, 18/12/2019

The following were invited to cooperate: Florentyna Macioszczyk from CIM Horyzonty, Elżbieta Niewiadomska from Better World leading “Volunteering in Poznań families”, a former volunteer – an expert on the topic Alvaro Ingles Paz from CIM Horyzonty, specialists from the Regional Volunteer Center at WRK, Dagna Łanieska and Aneta Bedzińska . Volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps participating were Narek Botsinyan and Ayse Kucukkilic.
Debates on volunteering proposed for secondary schools will allow young people to confront their insights with experts as part of volunteering, exchange good practices and plan volunteer activities with existing helpers and familiarize themselves with the offers of Poznań organizations.
The aim of the debates was to activate young people for civic and voluntary activities.
Possibility of direct conversation and interactive work with the school volunteer coordinator (s).
The debates combined with the workshops lasted two hours and were led by 2 specialists in non-formal education with 2 Poznań experts on volunteering assisted by two volunteers from abroad.
In the form of workshops, involving young people to work in subgroups, discussions, interaction with the experts and volunteers.

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