Workshops in primary schools WWW

A series of five one-and-a-half hours ‘ABC of volunteering’ workshops in five different primary schools.

1. On 19/12/2019 in SP 10.
2. On October 25, 2019 in SP 69.
3. On November 4, 2019 in SP 26.
4. On November 13, 2019 in SP 42.
5. On 12/12/2019 at the Horyzont school – Free Democratic Education.

The workshops were conducted by volunteers Anna from Ukraine and Callin from Romania and educator Marta according to a previously prepared outline:
TITLE: ABC of volunteering
Goal: promoting volunteering among children
Promoting volunteering through non-formal education methods. Informing children about their options, where and how they can help.
Chairs and tables suitable for the group
a place where you can hang A3 cards and other materials
Description of the workshop
The trainers introduce themselves, say who they are and why they came to them here. They ask children if they know what VOLUNTEERING is, if necessary they explain exactly what it is.
To be able to work in a nice atmosphere, we devote a few minutes to the game: we stand in a circle (if it is possible in a given room) and throw the ball at each other. The person who catches the ball must say his name and one thing he likes (they can try in English)
e.g. Ania – dogs, Marcin – bikes
We give examples of HELPING OTHERS using information from the game, e.g. to help you do what you like, Ania – to help animals.
Children are tasked to draw a SUPER Volunteer. What such a person must look like and what qualities they have to be able to help others.
The trainers walk and look at the drawings, talk to children about it. Then willing people can present their drawing to the classroom. Trainers collect information from children and write the features that most often appear on sticky notes and stick them to the poster A3 – VOLUNTEER.
Then they explain to children that in order to help others, you do not have to be, for example, THE STRONGEST IN THE WORLD, all you need is some time and good intentions. But they can become such a Super Volunteer when they start to help, because these qualities are developed by volunteering.
To show them, they go to the next task
SECOND TASK – about half an hour
We ask for 8 volunteers for the middle. One trainer goes out with them into the corridor and reads to them descriptions of people who will play in the role play.
During this time, the rest of the trainers distribute (for a few) descriptions of Poznań organizations and, if necessary, explain what the description is about.
When volunteers enter, they play their characters, e.g. Kasia – ecology is important to her, so she collects rubbish, Adam – she likes to draw, so she shows that she draws.
The trainer reads people’s descriptions, and organizations should report when they think they are the right volunteer.
With each person there are many possibilities, each time we try to direct children to the School Circle or on our own initiatives, e.g. helping neighbors, gathering at school.
We give away stickers with the CIM Horizons logo and other volunteers if they would like to show them to their parents.
At the end we can take a photo or shout.
A pair of volunteers draws an example and must show this type of volunteering, e.g. HELP FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE (the trainer suggests what it might look like – crossing the street, making a laurel). Other children are guessing.

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