WWW workshops in kindergartens

Zacharoula and Salvatore, based on their own competencies and goals, created a scenario for preschoolers. They used their own hobby, in the case of Zacharoula it was painting and Salvatore – music to promote volunteering through the “Good Heart” workshop. The workshops took place in a planned manner accepted by kindergartens: “Subject: Carrying help to others, volunteering. Workshops run by volunteers from CIM Horizons in 3 kindergartens in the area of 20 kindergartens. -30 children aged 2 to 6 Leaders: Zacharoula and Salvatore (with the help of kindergarten teachers) Prepared by: Zacharoula, Salvatore, MartaTitle Good heart General goal of the workshop

Specific objectives of the workshop
 1. to show that help is important 2. to recommend volunteering at a very early stage 3. to engage them creatively 4. to show that we are all the same and equal (in this specific context) 5. to encourage cooperation between them MATERIALS: 1. guitar 2. large white mat or white paper 3. paints (different colors, skin-friendly) 4. old newspapers (for the floor) 5. 3-4 boxes hidden treasure (every time) 6. colored hard papers for the gifts we create – heart-shaped card
Introduction 2-3 min. Together Brief introduction: we gather all the children and tell them their names and why we are here today (to learn new things and play with them). We start a short discussion in Polish, e.g. “Have you ever helped anyone? If so, how? “Or” Do you know what volunteering means? “
Singing a song 5 min. Salvatore guitar, singing. Handing out lyrics, movements and singing. We inform them that now we will begin to discover the importance of help and volunteering. Salvatore start playing his guitar, sings, Zach shows simple choreography. Then we learn everything together.
Text: Everyone has a good heart. Everyone can do something for everyone. We can help. We can love. We can paint. We can sing, we are volunteers!
A short game of treasure hunters 10 min.
We ask children who want to play Treasure Hunters? We divide them into 3-4 groups (depending on the number of children) and explain that to find a hidden treasure (paints that will be used for the next step), they must undergo some tests. It should also be mentioned that they will have to work in teams, because it is one of the most important things in volunteering. At this point, teachers secretly hide the treasure in the place we previously established. Zacharoula and Salvatore are starting to give taskchildren: a big group hug, say “thank you” in Italian and “you’re welcome” in Greek, hold hands and go all together, for example under the table to find a treasure. There will be 3-4 treasures, hidden in different places, one for each group, which children will find and bring us. Teachers should help children in case of difficulties finding the treasure. We finally open them and check what’s inside. Painting will last 10-15 minutes. We help children make one line, they must stand one after the other. They come to create reflections on their hands: 1. on a large paper that will decorate their kindergarten2. on a small heart card that will be a souvenir for the elderly from the Senior Home
Children from kindergartenGajówka, Horyzont and Skrzata Bartodzieja were delighted and pledged that they would help others.

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