Democratic education

Nowadays the meaning of democracy is clear for all of us, apart from the scientific meaning related to the concept of the system of government, we can understand democracy as...Continue reading

First week of Short-Term Project

            I am Öken Demir, a 22-year-old short-term volunteer for CIM Horyzonty. Adapting to a new place to live, bonding with various people we just met, making inner and outer...Continue reading

Theatre Workshops with Karina and Dani

24/06/2022 During these last four months from March 2022 till June 2022, we have been going weekly to Piątkowska Szkoła, during these 16 visits to the school we were accompanied...

Diversity is in my blood

Hello everyone! Kumusta sa lahat! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! All these greetings are valid expressions for my everyday life.  My name is Kathryn and I was born and...Continue reading

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