On arrival meeting in Warsaw for our volunteers

Our ESC volunteers were in Warsaw during the middle week of October to know more about volunteering in Poland and about ESC program (European Solidarity Corp). During the week from 14th October to 20th October our Volunteers: Zacha, Ana, Calin and Salvatore were in Warsaw, in Agrykola, a very nice place not far from the center but also very green, close to Lazenki Krolewskie, meeting 20 others volunteers from all over Europe, that actually are doing the ESC program in Poland, in different cities like Kielce, Lodz, Cracow, Wroclaw or Stettin. During this week everyone had the opportunity to know better what ESC program is and how to improve self skills during the period the volunteer is in Poland. The first day we met each others and we started to know who we are but also we started to talk about ESC. The second day was very busy. The volunteers had some materials to understand what are their rights and also their duties. During all nights the group of volunteers went out to know better Warsaw and have fun in some clubs. The second day was a bit more quiet because we talked about ESC using some games or quiz. The third and the fourth days were almost the same and during the night the group met a polish band that played and danced polish song and traditional dances. The last days the group worked with locals using some tasks given by the trainers of the project, Michael, one german man living in Poland since 18 years and Liza, a polish woman interested in training courses since long time. The last night was very quiet because most of the volunteers had the trip to come back in their cities during the morning. And of course Our 4 volunteers came back in Poznan in the evening of 20th October to continue their volunteer Program.


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