Structured dialogue conference

#GetUpStandUp Structured dialogue conference 10-12.05.2019 in Bystrzyca KłodzkaConference was organised by Center for Intercultural Initiatives “HORIZONS” and the European Youth Forum. The conference is supported by the “Europe for Citizens” Program in order to develop recommendations for representatives of regional authorities with youth employees, teachers, non-formal educators operating in Poland, how to support citizens in actions for human rights and how to actions have built up the Polish identity so far.

Structural dialogue conferences are held simultaneously in 5 partner countries of the #GetUpStandUp project. Participants had the opportunity to discuss previously collected opinions, process information through discussions and working groups, and develop results, such as policy documents with recommendations on effective tools to maximize civic involvement in advocacy and more democratic participation. These documents will be sent to the appropriate institutions of each country, transferring this project to the political level and giving the participating organizations ideas for future activities. The structured dialogue is a means of mutual communication between young people and decision-makers to enable participants to actively participate in the process of shaping EU policy. Discussing the importance of various movements in contemporary European history, participants have realized that the fight for their rights is a European value in itself. Consequently, it will strengthen the EU’s identity and active citizenship.

To see our results of work and report from conference please check our PDF :

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