In March 2019 in a bookshop called Zemsta from Poznan, Poland, it took place an event which was called “Equality for Women”. Focusing on the History writing by women”. This event was organized by the NGO Cim Horyzonty and it was also connected to the European Week Against Discrimination.

Basically the action was a meeting in which five women from the literature profesional field talked about the profesional issues concern to them as writers and researchers , but also others topics that as women they have to deal with every day. 

The meeting consisted of two parts.

The first part is a conversation / discussion between a literature lecturer and four invited authors (who create biographies, song lyrics, theater plays and novels).

The second part of the meeting was a workshop – we talked about writers from around the world, whose work over the years has not gained due recognition.

The meeting was held in Polish and English (with translation)

Anna Maria Szymkowiak, one of the writers decided to make a publication from this important event, which you can find and read here:

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