HEARTools – training on equality and human rights using artistic and media tools

On 17-25.09.2021 we are running an international project in Poznań “HEARTools – training on equality and human rights using artistic and media tools”. As part of it, 26 participants from various countries of Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Greece) are going to develop new skills and knowledge.

The main objectives of the HEARTools training tools are:

  1. Promotion of human rights through art in public space.
  2. Increasing the influence of young people their coverage and function in communities for people.
  3. Strengthens tolerance and respect for human rights in the media.
  4. Increasing the value of people with young people.

As part of the training, we plan, among other things, to create small alternative forms of street art that promote the topic of human rights. It will take place on 09/23/2021 at 18:00 in the KontenerART space in Poznań. Its title for “Not only art for art”.

You will also create a database of slogans and slogans that could later be combined in action in various funds, you will also create your own non-governmental organizations.

We believe, who has the current epidemiological migration, that it is better to become the topic of activists and become involved in wider knowledge.

The project is funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

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