Turn on eco-thinking

Thanks to the workshops, we will enable the beneficiaries to change their attitude to a more ecological one. We will raise awareness  that caring for the environment is important to us and future generations. Participants will gain practical knowledge on how not to waste food and prepare tasty and healthy meals, how to respect the environment, how not to use disposable packaging, and instead already produced items.

The project involves the organization of online cooking workshops and advice on how to clean the house without liquids, sprays, powders, washing sachets, pastes and dishwasher tablets from a shop.  During the activities, we would like to increase ecological and civic activity by creating an opportunity to make home cleaning and cosmetic products by the participants of the project themselves, as well as creating healthy meals, taking care not to waste any food. We believe that thanks to these actions, participants will feel a real influence on solving specific problems. We notice that we often need facilitation and support to start experimenting with caring for a house without chemicals accessible in a shop. There are many manuals and videos about the needed products and recipes for creating your own soap, dishwashing liquid or dishwasher bars, but often the uncertainty “whether we really did it correctly” and taking care of your and your family’s safety does not allow you to really try it. In our activities, we want participants to answer the questions what they would like to learn the most, and then provide them with packages containing materials / ingredients needed to make a given product which they will use during online workshops with an expert and simultaneously make a given product in their own home. Att the same time being able to ask the facilitator’s questions and dispel doubts.

Culinary workshops WE COOK ON OURSELVES, WE WASTE NOTHING. are a series of 6 workshops for various recipients. (4 for families with children and residents, and 2 for seniors). The series of workshops is based on an original project created by the Academy of Culinary Adventures for children and teenagers in the field of culinary and pro-health education. The program is carried out mainly in practical classes in the form of culinary workshops. During the activities, the participants gain knowledge on effective purchasing, product use, properties and health effects. In view of the current epidemiological situation, workshop participants will receive packages of products needed for the workshop (from Klub Krąg), and the workshops will be held online.

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