Through Stomach to Culture – Nov. and Dec./2020

From November 4th that our international volunteers have been enjoying the possibility of sharing everything they choose about their cultures. The pandemic times didn’t allow us to bring you the best of our cooking skills, as usual. Still, we wanted very much to spend this time with you.


We began with Diana, who is the only volunteer who speaks polish fluently, and who shared with us about Belarus and the social and political challenges it has been facing.

Then came Loic, who is our French volunteer and he, of course, showed you some French crepes with a special variation on the recipe. He includes beer instead of milk!

The third person joining you was Julia, who brought us lots of pertinent information about Brazil’s politics, literature and music.

Kiki, from the Netherlands, came next and showed us quite a bit of curiosities about her country, including pancakes! She would define her country as a geographic place on the map where people often grow up with the same cultural traditions.

Next, Sofía finally joined you and brought you some stereotypes about Spanish people, showed you some beautiful Spanish places, including her hometown, A Coruña. Spanish is a diverse country with more to offer than the touristic places and the “southern stereotypes”, so Sofía for sure recommends that everyone visits different regions to build a new perspective about her country

Just the week before Christmas we finished the round of volunteers with Sandra, who spoke to us about Portuguese culture and about her hometown’s connection to the African colonies Portugal had in the past. This is a sunny, multicultural country that continues to celebrate the democracy achieved more than 40 years ago. Though there’s still a long way to go, the Portuguese continue to strive towards inclusion.


Thank you for spending this time with us. If you didn’t follow the livestreams, you can still watch them on Facebook.

Belarus: here.

France: here.

Brazil: here.

Netherlands: here.

Spain: here.

Portugal: here.

The workshops/activities/classes were held thanks to the project “Mobile Center of Local Initiatives Łazanka” supported by Poznan City and project “Broaden our Horizons” supported by European Solidarity Corps of Erasmus+.

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