Critical Creation

Critical Creation is a project that combines artistic, activist and social environments to create a space to act to reduce economic and social inequalities among the countries, using artistic tools.

Activities include discussion panels and educational workshops with people with migration experience and experts in this field, active artistic activities in the urban space and events targeted at young people and the local community of Poznań interested in the issue of global inequalities.

Workshop activities are directly addressed to people aged 18-25: activists, artists and people interested of the topic as well as everyone who wants to act to reduce inequality in the world.

This project includes the following activities:

Conference: On December 15 we invite everyone to the conference at the Poruszenie club on ul. Półwiejska in Poznań. The meetings will last from 12:00 to 16:30 and we will have 4 modules. The first meeting will be about economic inequality-what is the situation in the world, which countries are at risk of economic poverty, the second on gender inequality and the third will be a panel on the situation of migration in our country but not only. In the end, we invite everyone to discuss the topics discussed earlier.

Workshops: On 16th December, on the second day of the conference, we invite young people aged 18-25 (more or less) to participate in mural workshops. Justyna Dziabaszewska will lead them. The second workshop on the same day will be about activism and how you can interpret social situations and transform them into inspiration for creating art. All these two workshops are a preview of the “Critical Creation” project, i.e. creative conversation on the topics of inequality occurring in the world.

Strengthening activities: From January to March – we invite all participants to meetings with experts and activists, artists and social activists. We will delve into the topics of economic poverty, topics of identity, and go to the museum to translate all this knowledge into action. We will also have a meeting with a marketing person who will tell us how to advertise and plan strategies, so if you are a person who works or I want to start working – welcome!

Murals: From March, we will start painting – what does that mean? All these strengthening activities, meetings, and workshops are to give the participants of our project a tool in the form of knowledge. Knowledge about difficult, discriminatory and uneven topics so that they can then create murals on this topic, this is important because each mural will have its QR code that will transfer the scan person to a page telling what is on the wall. The murals will be entered on an educational map, according to which young people aged 14-18 will be able to follow and learn more about what the world looks like and some mechanisms operate in it.

If you want to paint with us, just fill out the form:

data rozpoczęcia

October 2019

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May 2020







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