Day of European Languages in gimnasium 51

On October 3, 2017, as part of the continuation of the CIL activities run by the
Horizon Youth Initiatives Center, Junior High School 51, European Language Day
was held. Young people involved in the preparation of this venture, together
with foreign volunteers hosting our organization and other people willing to
co-create this initiative, for 4 weeks in consultation with foreigners living in
Łazarz at the moment, prepared various dances, songs, presentations, food,
decorations and other characteristic for a given country of things. After many
meetings and trials, the long-awaited day has finally arrived! In the room
decorated by everyone involved in the preparation of this initiative and the smell
of dishes prepared jointly at home by students, volunteers, their parents,
neighbors and teachers, presentations of individual countries and competitions
with knowledge of individual countries and their languages intertwined with
these shows.
Each group tried to present their best, walking around the room, offering
products of their drawn country, presenting facts and curiosities about them,
singing songs and reciting poetry in local languages, as well as showing local
costumes prepared together during these 4 weeks of preparation in classes and
homes. . The jury, consisting of foreigners living in Łazarz and the School
Directorate, had a difficult task, but after counting the points from all stages of
this initiative, the winners were finally chosen! During the European Languages
Day, CIM Horizons, he also invited all guests to learn foreign languages together
as part of free courses organized by organizations for various age groups run by
European volunteers visiting Poznań.
We hope that these activities will contribute to maintaining the atmosphere of
intercultural and intergenerational integration that was present during the Day
of European Languages!

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