Evi about Midterm training in Toruń

Last week we had our midterm training. Francisco, Karina and me took the train on Monday morning to go to Torún. We stayed in a nice hotel in the city center. From there it was 5 minutes walking to the Old Town of Toruń. Monday was designed for people to arrive in Torún. So, the first time we met each other was at dinnertime! After dinner we made a little walk in the city all together. On Tuesday we started with the program. We got to know each other and we started sharing experiences in our NGO’s.
On Wednesday we looked back on the time that already had passed. We used different methods to express ourselves and form the overall picture of the ESC experience. We finished the work on Thursday. Because that day we looked in the future. What do we want to do in the time that we have left in our volunteering year? What do we want to do after this volunteering year? What will be the next step we’re taking on our path? We got some tools that can help us in future job interviews and the trainers created a padlet for us
to see a lot of links with opportunities for the future.
Friday was just designed for evaluation. We evaluated the week and how we experienced it. This was a short part, because we got a nice Gingerbread workshop. We designed our own Gingerbread cookie and saw the museum together. After that we had one more lunch together and we were finished with the training. We had Friday afternoon for ourselves. We chose on the beginning of the week to leave on Saturday morning. So, we left the hotel at 11:00 and came back home to Poznań at 14:00!
Every day we had training from 09:30 till 13:00 in the morning session. We started with the afternoon session from 15:00 till 18:00. It was a very interesting week where we learned a lot. We made new friends; we ate good food and we take this new experience with us.
Liefs, Evi

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