Turkish Presentation

Hello everyone,

I would like to tell you about the Turkish presentation I made at Klub Krag. First of all, I prepared my presentation the day before and knew that the participants would have challenging questions.  That’s why I was so happy and excited! I went to Biedronka to buy the products for the meals I will cook in the morning of event day. I used all my luck that day in Biedronka. Why do I think so? Because there was Turkish chocolate as the product of the week at Biedronka and I learned this while I was there. I immediately took advantage of this opportunity and included that chocolate in my presentation for our guests to taste. Why was I so happy for a chocolate? Because in our culture, Turkish coffee is always served with something sweet. This treat can be sweets such as Turkish delight, chocolate or baklava.

 After buying all the products, I went to Klub Krag and started preparing the meals in the kitchen there. In this process, Krag employees helped me. I love working with them very much. As a meal, I prepared Sebit Yaglama, which belongs to my own city. Next to the meal, I prepared our national drink, “Ayran”. We usually drink Turkish coffee after meals. I brought Turkish coffee for such events in February. Normally we drink a really heavy Turkish coffee, but I brought a soft drink for our guests. We started our event and our guests were really interested in my presentation. Some of them had visited Turkey before and prepared a private question for me. Some of the questions were really challenging but I hope my answers satisfied them. I think this experience has been beneficial to me and people. Because there are many stereotypes about Turkey and we, as Turkish youth, are trying to break it down. 

I would also like to thank my dear coordinator Marta, who helped me with the translation…

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