Broaden our horizons in teams – Karahan’s perspective

Greetings, lovely individuals. I’m Karahan, and this is my fifth week with CIM HORYZONY in Poznan,
where I’ve had the most incredible experiences.

We separated into groups on the first day and began by making plans for the following week. In my
group, I learned new things and played several board games. As a fan of board games, I found it to be
really enjoyable. Additionally, we practiced theater in Strefa after a long day.

The following morning, I arrived at work early to produce our lullaby video, the results of which you
will soon see. Following that, we started Language animation for Italian and Turkish. Spending time
with children to teach them languages was a lot of fun.
We started our day at Strefa on Thursday. The director and designer of our Parade team (Spojnik)
met with us. They gave details on the parade for us and we made some instruments for parade. It
was fun. Following that, we had an art workshop with children in Madaline and an animation in

Next day we started the day with Spojnik again. This time we created som birds for parade. We had a
bird fight among us �� we really enjoyed it. After that we went to Madalina for movement class Alara
was leading us and we learned amazing dance moves with kids ��

The final day of the week My experience was simpler. I’ve just kept working on our lullaby
video. Looking back, I can say that Madaline and Spojnik were a lot of fun. We appreciate
cim Horyzonty for this wonderful week.

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