My Mid-term Training As Good As
Katarzynka Piernik

Mid-term training in Torun was great. This training was about whether there are any problems in the our project, our expectations, future life what we have done in the past time, how we can exchange ideas with other volunteers around Poland… We were 15 people in this project and there were long-term volunteers from many different nationalities. It was great meeting them and spending time with them. This training, which consisted of different parts for a week, was really chill. We were given enough free time to engage
with other volunteers. It was nice to exchange ideas with them.

I had the chance to learn many things about Torun. Special missions regarding the city were prepared for us. These missions were one of the biggest helpers in our exploration of the city. There was a day when museums were free. I visited the oriental world, History of Torun , Copernicus house and traveler museum. I also had the chance to see a friend I met at an event I attended thanks to CIM Horyzonty.
He also helped me a lot in getting to know the city. On the last day, we all went to make gingerbread together. My gingerbread is with me in Poznan. Every time I look at it I remember this beautiful

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