Training in Slovenia

Some time ago, we encouraged you to apply for an international training course entitled Lifelongplaying financed by the Erasmus plus program, which was dedicated to educators and youth workers. Here is the account of Agnieszka (@linkisztuki), who represented us on it:

“I would like to share with you Everything I learned and practiced 🙂 The training for educators in Slovenia was phenomenal. #lifelongplaying 

The subject of integration games, energizers, games about cooperation, about breaking communication barriers about interculturalism or identity is not far from me – I have led or participated in games during many projects, but I did not expect such a comprehensive approach. 

The leaders: Spela, Anja and Denis from Cirkuslabulle managed to implement workshops, discussions and games, achieving a perfect flow. The organizers also knew that we would be happy to share our experience – so they created a whole block of “sharing and carring” time. I had a lot of fun running workshops on art games, in which one of the ideas from group of participants was Lovebyrinth – the labyrinth of love.💙

It’s not easy to integrate people with different cultural energies (Finland, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Macedonia), but from the very beginning we felt that the understanding between us was beyond the differences. Non-formal education tools, such as social games, are perfectly applicable at school. I recommend them and will be happy to share:-)

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