Hello there from Germany!

Hallo there from Germany! Würzburg is one charming city and folx I’m living with (and other volunteers with whom I’m not living) are wonderful, people in the organisation I’m doing a volunteer service in are also super nice, the language is only a bit scary and hey, after almost two months of living here I’m finally convinced that the German crowd does eat cottage cheese after all, because I finally found it in the store. And don’t even get me started on the German keyboard in laptops, because it’s slowly driving me crazy. Not how I imagined the whole “cultural shock”, but it’s probably for the best. xD

I’ve had my first five-day-workshops, the first only-in-german seminar in Jubi and an on-arrival seminar in Weimar (beautiful down, I wanna go back there!). There’s lots of good things happening and I’m looking forward to more.


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