Meeting with potential volunteers and interns

Last Thursday, CIM Horyzonty hosted an event in which potential volunteers or interns were invited to see our past, present and future work, with the help of 4 of our ESC people.

Starting off with a name game, we delved into the historical points of the NGO, and how we got here through a comic made by Ayse, one of our volunteers. After which we delved more into the present, and once we were done, Calin tried to smoothen the atmosphere with some creative games about relations in the workplace and creating a sense of community in our group.

Following these activities, we started to talk about the future of our NGO and what kinds of events we’re going to have. Last but not least, we had an informal talk with all the participants, so that they would also see that it’s not always serious stuff revolving around CIM. With this, we’d like to deeply thank the people who attended our Workshop and to let you know that great things are coming that will broaden your Horizons. 

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