Delicacies from other countries

On November 25 and December 5, two events took place that aimed for intercultural and intergenerational integration. As part of a small grant obtained by seniors from the Day Care Center at ul. Konopnicka we organized a meeting between participants from the facility and foreign volunteers. During the first meeting, our guests from Romania, Ukraine and Armenia talked about their countries and about the situation of the elderly in their countries of origin. Seniors learned about the financial assistance of the elderly and their living conditions.

After the presentations, there was time for questions – the interest was enormous, seniors wanted to learn as much as possible about the participant’s countries, we talked about the different stereotypes they had about those countries. After, participants enjoyed food together with seniors sharing space and intimacy.

The second meeting took place in the same place and aimed to educate about countries and Christmas customs. Turkey, Lebanon, Greece – these countries aroused special interest and there were a lot of questions from the audience. After the presentation, participants were able to try Greek cakes with a hint of orange, Lebanese oat dish and Turkish sweets.

A surprise for volunteers as a thank you was the performance of a senior choir, which presented the oldest and most charming songs, among others from the cabaret “Elderly Men”.

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