Through stomach to culture – Armenia

Armenian cuisine may not be so widespread, but it is certainly admirable and tasty! On Wednesday the 26th of February, we once again gathered at Klub Osiedlowy Krąg to help Narek Botsinyan cook traditional dishes and present his homeland and culture for the sake of the “Through stomach to culture” project. It’s one activity of the bigger project “Mobile Center for Local Initiatives Łazanka” that aims to integrate and empower the local community, and it takes place every two weeks.

The evening included also an introduction to the Armenian alphabet: guests were invited to write their names using the letters of the Armenian alphabet. It was a challenge! But definitely lucrative! The foods served were Khashlama (Potatoes with meat) and Gata (sweet pastry in the shape of rose).

Narek comes from Ashtarak, a city in Armenia, and gladly spoke about the capital city (Yerevan), the adoptation of Christianity and different other things and stories that people might not know (economy, famous people etc.). It was an interesting and educational trip! Cheers to Armenia! Stay with us to learn more about other cultures!

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